IFA Men's Futsal World Cup 2019



The International Futsal Alliance (IFA) has extended an invitation for New Zealand to enter the inaugural IFA Men's Futsal World Cup 2019 in Jiangmen, China.
It promises to be a stunning event, on and off the court.
This will be IFA's first World Cup at the open men's age band and also the first to be hosted by the continent of Asia.
IFA are privileged to be able to bring the world to one of the fastest growing Futsal regions on the planet.
The list of countries entering is impressive:
- Australia, China, Chile, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Taipei, USA
- With Brazil, England, Italy, Nepal, Solomon Islands & UAE (yet to confirm)
Auckland Futsal is honoured to have been designated as the organising body for the selection & management of this
New Zealand's Men's Futsal team.


Tournament Details:

21 - 25 August 2019
Jiangmen, China
IFA (The International Futsal Alliance)
National teams
Player Eligiblity - NZ team:
Valid NZ Residency and/or NZ Passport


NZ Delegation

NZ Head Coach:  
To be announced... 1 May 19  
NZ Head of Physical Conditioning:  
To be announced... 1 May 19  
NZ Manager:  
To be announced... 1 May 19  
NZ Men's Team Selection:  
To be announced... 10 May 19  



NZ Men - World Cup  TRIALS  2019

Trial #1:  Sunday 5 May 19
Trial #2:  Sunday 19 May 19  
5:30 - 7:30pm  
EGGS Sports Centre (Epsom Girls Grammar School)
Silver Rd entry (off Gillies Ave), Epsom/Newmarket, Auckland  
Player Eligigiblity:  
1. Valid NZ Residency and/or NZ Passport  
2. Able to show a a High-Level of playing experience  
Register to Trial  
All Players must register online by Wed 1 May 19  
Note: Players will be notified to confirm if they are eligible to Trial by 2 May 19