Futsal - "the soul of brazilian futsal"

... Brazil's 5 v 5 indoor football                   

FUTSAL is the most exciting football you'll ever play or watch !

* Faster... FUTSAL is a much faster sport than outdoor soccer.

* 800% more ball contact... than in outdoor soccer means learn to play & improve quickly.

* Versatile players... Players must be able to play all positions in a game (FUN!)

* Little space & time... means players must constantly think fast, use good technique, improvise and find solutions.

* Players develop fantastic close control, passing, team work

* Constant invention of feints, skills, wonderful dribbles, accurate passes are required to survive.

* FUTSAL nurtures intelligent players, team chemistry and possession.

* FUTSAL emphasises skill & technique over physical power.

  • Develops skills, close control & technique in limited spaces
  • Enhances understanding of the game
  • Gives players lots of touches on the ball
  • Involves many opportunities to score goals
  • Creates more versatile players
  • Fun, fast & exciting to play


... Futsal v s outdoor football

* 800% more ball contact for players (compared to outdoor football)

* 6.0 times more shots

* 3.0 times more goals

* 10 times more saves


Futsal is widely viewed as the ideal environment for producing versatile and technically exciting players.

With particular emphasis on the skills of passing, dribbling, close control, defending, team-work, ball retention

& shooting.

Brazil are the 6 times World Futsal Champions.


What SUPERStARS started with FUTSAL?


How do you say "FUTSAL"?

Futsal (pronounced 'foot cell').

The word originates from Portuguese: Futebol de Salao (translates to: Football in a hall)


Special Brazilian Low Bounce Ball

A specially designed, smaller, heavier, low bounce Brazilian ball is used.

The low bounce Futsal ball spends more time on the floor which is excellent for the development of a young players skill, technique & close ball control. A heavier ball means a player has to use their skill rather than the ball’s bounce to propel it.

Quickly Builds Confidence, Technique, Skills & Understanding

Due to the size of the court & the number of players involved, players are constantly placed in situations where they must improvise and find solutions to the pressures of limited space. Players are literally forced to use fantastic close control & passing techniques, playing with their heads up and inventing skills, wonderful dribbles & feints to survive.

In Futsal you touch the ball nearly 8 times or 800% more than playing outdoor football. More opportunities on the ball quickly builds confidence, technique, skills & decision-making.
Slide tackles are prohibited which encourages better close control & passing in tight spaces and makes it a far safer & enjoyable game to play.

Futsal is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, pinpoint passing and constant movement into new space. The speed of play is such that you are forced to make quicker technical and tactical decisions.